by admin on December 1, 2011

As stated in my last post, @threepibbles and I were slated to go to the Yelawolf show at Bottom Lounge. It. Was. AWESOME. Some guy was tackled by security within the first ten minutes of our arrival and his cocaine went flying everywhere. Yup, his coke. Everywhere. Tits! After that melee, we just sat back and enjoyed the awesome music. Rittz opened and he is yet another underground rapper that has crazy talent. Unreal.

Then it was time for the real deal. Yelawolf came on and killed it. And because his shit is so tight, security had to kill the 7 doobies that were going on all at once. Seriously, I am so glad that I happened upon this guy’s music because I really believe he is going to blow up. His debut album Radioactive dropped on the 21st and you best believe I got that shit on pre-order. My words here do not do it justice. Go download it now.

After the show, @threepibbles and I popped out on the DL to try and grab a cab before the masses flooded the streets. Luckily for us, we conned some dudes out of their cab and hopped in. And before we had even made it five feet, we almost hit some random running across the street. Her face was covered, no, soaked in blood. And her shoes were missing. Not 10 seconds after that, her assailant cut us off, carrying said missing shoes. The bloodied broad had hopped into her 3-series and the girl with her shoes tried to smash in her driver’s side window. Excellent. So excellent, in fact, that our cab driver actually said “We should probably get out of here.” In the words of @threepibbles, “It’s like he knew guns were next.” I can honestly say this was one of the coolest, funniest, and most terrifying nights of my life.


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