So I Found Out I Suck at Keeping Up With this Blog Now

March 30, 2011

Tweet In keeping with the theme of the title, please enjoy this story that I meant to publish weeks ago and am just now posting: So, after a ridiculously awesome and debauchery-filled weekend, I thought I’d give everyone an update. Not because I felt obliged to hone my writing, nay. It’s because I acted like […]

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Weird Thoughts With Awkward Piktchas!

November 24, 2010

Tweet So I was thinking that it’s getting weird outside. A few months ago it was “holy amazeballs its 80 let’s get some mimosas and hot bitches” kind of weather. Then last month it was “oooo it’s soooooo nice out and the leaves are pretty and my balls aren’t sweaty” kind of weather. Now it’s […]

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I Love Math (w/Awesome Pics)

November 2, 2010

Tweet I am a Type A personality that suffers from bouts of extreme anxiety and hysteria. There. I said it. I catastrophize things on a regular basis and have panic attacks about as frequently as Bravo TV comes out with a new Real Housewives series. Despite dreading stressful situations, I find that I often put […]

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Um wut.

October 7, 2010

Tweet I was going to write a super-long post but instead I decided to post an osm pic. I will be back to writing soon. Promise.

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Whitey Ford Jumps Around

August 2, 2010

Tweet Do you remember this song? This was one of my favorites circa 8th grade. Did you know Everlast used to be lead rapper of House of Pain? Thank you VH1! Given all the ways that you are useless, you have single-handedly restored your worth by providing this nugget of info. And just like that, you throw […]

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Pitchers for Puppies zomg plz halp!

July 26, 2010

Tweet Posts have been sparse lately and I apologize. My new gig has been taking up my time with orientations and training and me orgasming from not having a 3 hour commute every day, but I promise that I will be back online in the very near future. In other news, there is a totally […]

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SharePoint FTW

July 16, 2010

Tweet This will never, ever get old.

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Bittersweet Changes, Hold the Bitter

July 15, 2010

Tweet I know I left a teaser on Twitter a couple weeks ago about some big changes happening and I’ve finally gotten around to blogging about them. I’ll start by saying that the 48 hours that officially introduced the next chapter of my life were totally unexpected and not unlike a whirlwind of emotion. The […]

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Daily Deal Chicago and Please Don’t Sue Me

July 12, 2010

Tweet So I have the 411 on a new site that’s coming out on August 1 and I thought I’d share it with all of you and also because I’m getting a sweet $25 gift card to the site for writing this so there, I said it. Sue me. Ok, please don’t sue me, I […]

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Thank You, Always

July 2, 2010

Tweet This is going to sound dark, but it’s not – I promise. At my grandfather’s memorial service, the Priest told me that my grandpa’s passing only meant that he would be able to fulfill his role as grandpa more perfectly and without conditions or limitations now. It also meant that he would be close […]

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